Order is missing half ~~~


Hello :wave:
I have a 4 bags of subscriptions,
But this delivery I only received half of my subscription, one bag for each flavor, and I sent email early hasnt received any reply yet ?

I’m doing full meal replacement with Huel so I can’t wait too long to run out lol

Could anyone check the order for me ?

The number is 282405

By the way both two new flavor are sooo good !!

Really love it so far


Hi There! I am sorry to hear your order didn’t arrive in it’s entirety! I will put in a request to send you your owed bags of Chocolate and Berry Huel right away. Please allow 3-5 business days for your shipment to arrive. I am so thrilled to hear you are loving our product so far. If you need anything else, please let us know! :grin:


Thank you so much !!! Hope it won’t run out before I receive them :blush


Hey @Christian_Huel, I am experiencing a similar issue.

My 5-bag subscription order (#282692) arrived this past Tuesday, but it was missing 2 Chocolate Huel bags. I assumed the order was split into separate shipments since it arrived in a smaller box than usual, so I decided to wait it out a few more days.

I just checked my account and it shows the order has been “fulfilled”, so I’d appreciate it if you or another member of the Huel staff could please look into this for me.


Hey Myles. Oh no! I’ll send out the chocolate now :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thank you for the help Tyler! Have a great day.


Hi Tyler
I just received this week subscription, and the same problem again ?!? Only half of my order is fulfilled, what is happening?!? The order number is 296815 ?!?!


I’ll shoot you a PM now. We will get this figured out.