Missing a Bag of Huel from my Order

Hello, not sure the right way to bring this up to customer support, just received my order. I ordered 8 bags of huel, 4 vanilla and 4 chocolate, they finally came today in two separate boxes. One box contained the 4 vanilla, a shaker, and the flavor boost pack and the RTD i ordered to try out berry, the other contained only 3 chocolate.

I checked the invoice in the box and my receipt to make sure i ordered correctly and it says 4 and 4.

I sent a message using the “contact us” part of the website but i’m not sure if that is the correct way.

My order number was 906024-US

I’m just looking for how to bring up this issue to customer support, thanks for the help/support ahead of time


Thank you for forwarding this and I have messaged you personally to get to the bottom of this issue.

Got the message, Thank you for your reply!

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