Subscription issues

Starting this new year my first new order was scheduled on January 10th. I had ordered my normal bag of chocolate and bag of berry. But I also added a one time order of 2 different flavor boosters to try them out. January 10th came and went and I was starting to run low on Huel. I emailed Huel on the January 14th to ask what the problem was. They responded on the 17th saying they were out of stock of all flavor boosters except chocolate, and they wanted to know if I wanted the rest of my order. By this time I’ve already drank all the huel I had and was having to buy my breakfast and lunch everyday, I was quite pissed. I emailed huel back telling them that I absolutely wanted my huel as soon as possible and to add a one time order of an extra bag of chocolate and berry, so I’ll have extra in case something like this happens again. On the 18th they emailed me back to double check that I wanted 2 bags of chocolate and 2 bags of berry. And they said they would ask the huel team to make stock issues clearer in the future. I replied back that that was correct and that I tried to make the change myself on the website, but the change would never save. I also asked them if they have a support phone number I could call because having to wait for someone to respond via email takes forever. I feel like I could have cleared all of this up in one phone call back on the 14th when I started emailing them. By the 21st, almost 2 weeks past when they were supposed to send my next order of Huel, I still haven’t seen a charge or received any emails that Huel was on the way, and I sent them a strongly worded email saying as much. They responded on the 22nd and I was surprised they wanted to send me the 4 bags of huel for free. I really appreciated the free huel to make up for all the issues I’d had, although they never responded about the question about a support phone number. But now we are in February and my next subscription order was February 6th. I had ordered the flavor boosters again, along with my normal order and an extra bag of vanilla to try and an extra bag of chocolate. Well february 6th came and went and no charge and no email saying my order is on the way. Emailed Huel on the 7th and i’ve yet to hear anything back from them. But I would bet anything that the reason my order hasn’t shipped is the same problem as last time. Is this experience normal?

I feel like there are many different ways Huel could fix this problem. The first one being that if they are out of flavor boosters (or any thing else) then list them as out of stock on the website, and start a waiting list of all the people that wanted flavor boosters so that as they get them in-stock the people that have waited the longest will receive them first. And for customers that automatically re-order flavor booster (or anything else), have the system generate an email saying that the item is out of stock and give the customer the choice waiting for them (causing the entire order to ship late) or ship the rest of the order on time. I would imagine most people that like Huel would not want there latest shipment of Huel held up for who knows how long waiting on something that isn’t absolutely necessary for drinking Huel. Amazon has a shipping feature where they ask whether you would prefer to receive your orders as they come in stock or wait until they are all in stock and ship them together. Huel should at the very least have something like that. So that people will understand why there Huel order is running late.

Lol this happened to me too—I was like irrationally mad! I was really getting used to the simplicity and routine, and ran out—out of stock. Now I find myself wanting to horde it…really weird.

My issue was the flavor boosts were out of stock, so they held my WHOLE ORDER instead of sending me at least the Huel. Now I just have the powder on schedule and try to remember to add any boosts before it ships.

Hey @matthewU! I’m really happy to see one of our internal Hueligans assisted you recently over email! I’m sorry for all the back and forth - I know that can be frustrating. Also, to answer you’re question about the phone number, we don’t currently have an active line in the US as we’re in the middle of transitioning offices! We highly recommend diving into our Live Chat widget at😁 It’s a phenomenal option for communication and we have a team eager to help between 9am-5pm EST❤

We have also recently implement this! I’m sorry if you didn’t receive your out of stock email. I’ll get brainstorming on how we can be more proactive and transparent there. Good shout!

All in all I really appreciate your feedback here! We’re always striving to provide the best customer experience possible and of course that starts with hearing from our amazing Hueligans. I’m happy to see your February order is on the way💪 Don’t hesitate to give us a shout in the future!

I resolved this myself with a little difficulty, but my subscription order that combined all 3 RTD flavors was altered by the system to move up the chocolate a week to your expected in-stock date. This resulted in 2 subscriptions, rather than 1 and a loss of the appropriate quantity discount.

That should not happen!

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Oh man, I’m sorry about that you’re absolutely right! I’ll do the research on our end to ensure this isn’t happening for other Hueligans.

I work longer then 9-5 and phones or computers are not allowed at work. I’m assuming you don’t have the chat available on the weekends? I work most Saturdays, but I’m off most Sundays.

Why do I have to have a separate subscription for the new Black Huel? I could sort of understand you wanting different types of Huel on its own subscriptions (bars, RTD, powder…), but why couldn’t all the powder be on the same subscription. Although if someone already has a subscription, and orders enough to cover shipping, why couldn’t they order something else to try out? That way they don’t have to order 2 of it and find out they don’t like it and have to pay to ship back the other one. If you make it easier to try out different huel products I would imagine people would find out they like more then what they have always normally ordered.

Unfortunately we don’t have Live Chat availability over the weekends but we do have team members working through Email and our Social channels so I recommend sending us an email to if you need any further assistance😁

Also, I completely agree here! I can assure you we’re working towards providing the option and availability of trying our full product range when having an active subscription without the necessity of purchasing two bags (or boxes). Hopefully we can roll this out before you know it💪

I see you finally blocked out all the flavor boosters that you don’t have in stock. But I went in and created a black edition powder subscription with the intentions of ordering all the flavor boosters I wanted to try and the delivery being held up till they were all in stock. Now I can’t do that. Are you going to send out emails to every active huel customer when you finally get the flavor boosters in stock or are we going to have to check the website every day to see if there has been a change?

We’re going to do our best to inform all of our Hueligans of when we’re back in stock of Flavor Boosts in the US, which should be very soon @matthewU :grin: