Don’t like the new Vanilla

Is it me, or is the new vanilla not as oaty as it used to be…is there any chance I can purchase the old flavor ?


@Huelisgood Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer Original Vanilla anymore with the exception of adding it to an active subscription until we’re out of stock. However! Their just might be some lovely Hueligans on this page who have some Original Vanilla laying around to sell if you don’t have an active subscription🤔 Feel free to email us at with more questions.

I second that I am not a fan of the new vanilla flavor. For now I will have to order the unsweetened Huel version and add a sweeter milk to it. This could work for you


This is bad news. I love the original vanilla and suspect the new version won’t be as good. The Berry is okay but I detest the chocolate.

Why is it so often you find something you like and it ends up on the trash heap of marketing and “new and improved?” Sigh…


Not a fan of new vanilla either. I’ve got two bags of it gathering dust in the cabinet. Thankfully, I snagged 10 bags of “Classic” vanilla a while back when it was announced that Huel would no longer make it.

Hey, Huel: Do the right thing, the Coke thing, and come out with “Vanilla Classic”!