Some thoughts on Pros, Cons, Request

Hello. I’ve been enjoying my various Huel products but would like to offer my feedback, both positive and negative, and a request:


The H&S Mac & Cheese is great. Oddly, I thought it was pretty bad the first time I tried it but it has been growing on me steadily, 'till now I love it. It’s not Mac & Cheese, but that doesn’t matter since I like it quite a bit now. If there is one thing I would change it would be the red peppers, as in remove them. They have a textural component I don’t favor. Maybe sub bacon bits, or veggie bacon bits. I’m not a vegetarian, but approve of vegetarianism in general, for all the reasons, so I’m fine with subbing zero suffering flavors, etc.

There’s a lot of positives beyond the above, but it stood out since my attitude changed.


There are seeds in some of the H&S flavors (Flax I believe) and they are whole. When they go down they are very unlikely to be digested fully, if at all. Flax is great, but whole flax seeds not so much. I find myself putting a good bit of effort into biting on them, so they crack, so they do their goodness in my mighty digestive system, but would prefer to not have to play this silly game. Flax powder?

The H&S cups you provide are horrible. They appear to be a pretty soft plastic and start to get funky right away. I like having the line on them, and they are inexpensive, but I would prefer to buy more, erm, permanent solution. This plastic is so soft that I worry they are leeching weirdness into what I eat, what with all the heat. Perhaps a more expensive ceramic (or more exotic plastic?) alternative that I could buy from your store? I’m currently looking for a non-Huel branded alternative, but happy to buy something good from you if you had it. Are any other Hueligans using an alternative you can recommend?


BREAKFAST :wink: Some sort of H&S Scrambly thing could be amazing, if you can get it right. Would be so nice to have a healthy Huel breakfast alternative.

Anyway, glad to be a Hueligan. :wink:

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I do IF so i don’t even bother with breakfast

but have you considered the regular Huel powder to make a shake/smoothy for breakfast?

Coffee instead of water is pretty great. Either chocolate or salted caramel with that coffee is an obvious match. Vanilla with some PB2 makes me think of a birthday cake. I like applesauce and cinnamon with UU (and maple syrup if you like it sweet) if you think there aren’t enough flavors of Huel powder, you’re just not trying. :wink:

Oh yes, I have considered that, and done it. :slight_smile: I’m finding myself liking the Huel hot products quite a bit, though, as I still find hot food soothing, or comforting, in some way. I guess I need to feel comforted sometimes. :wink:

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Welcome to Huel @steven :partying_face: thanks for the feedback. These suggestions are great, a breakfast H&S would make our line complete as it offers a breakfast, lunch and dinner option.:pancakes:

For our H&S pots, I recommend using an insulated cup as it will soften your H&S fast and will last longer as you wash it over again.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the future, give us a shout if anything else! :+1:

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