Mac and cheese support

does Huel not have a support contact?

My issue is the Mac and cheese formula seems to have changed and is runny now and not thick and creamy. It is really gross.

Hey Hule, fix the mac and cheese.

If i wanted to eat just soggy noodles, I’d do something else.

Hi, we do have a support CX team able to assist you, just email us at, however, I have personally message you to get more information about your order. :blush:


The mac and cheese last orders my wife has done the mac and cheese has been thick creamy and had taste.
this batch same scoops< 2 scoops> and same amount of water is runny, never thickens up and is pretty much watery macaroni soup.
I have mixed the contents of the bag up to make sure the powder is fairly consistent thru the bag. I’m thinking something changed in the formula or i just got a bad batch.

Thank you- I have dropped you another message to get more details on your order for quality purposes and to assist you best. :relaxed:

FWIW I recently received a bag of Mac & Cheese (LOT #RN27144F) and it was same as usual, aka thick as wet cement.

I am at the bottom of a bag I got almost three weeks ago with the 15% off special and it has been fine with 2 scoops and 6 oz of water and then a scoop of sour cream, or mixed one scoop of it and one scoop Cajun pasta.

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