Question on servings

Looking at huel black edition. On the bag it says 90g 5x a day.

So 1 bag = 30 days = 5x a day =2k calories correct?
Or is it 1 bag = 17 days, 5x a day =2k cal

Starting a work out regime, cutting / losing weight. This would be a good product for that? Doesnt seem high in anything crazy fat wise. Planning to use 3x a day with some snacks (like veggies) or complex carbs in small portions throughout the day.

And hopefully after i cut weight i will remain using huel the same way and add in my own carbs for gaining muscle.

Hi Arlo!

Each bag of Huel powder (both v3.0 and Black Edition) contains 17 servings of Huel. Each serving is 2 scoops or 400 calories. If you are consuming 2000 calories of Huel, this would be 5 servings per day. A bag of Huel would last about 3.4 days at 2000 calories (or 5 servings) per day of Huel.

Huel can be part of your daily intake regardless of if your goal is weight loss, maintenance, or gain! Generally, we recommend Huel 1 or 2 times per day and then at least one other meal with other food, and some snacks, depending on your needs/preferences. You want to be sure that if you are increasing the amount of Huel you consume daily, that you do so gradually due to its fiber content and that you are consuming adequate amounts of fluid daily too. It is also great to hear you plan to consume other food in addition to Huel and we recommend this for variety in your daily intake, as well!

Huel Black Edition is a great choice and has additional protein when compared to Huel v3.0 powder, but you cannot go wrong in choosing either one. If you plan on getting a flavored version and have a preference for sweetener (either stevia and coconut sugar or sucralose) this is something else to consider as the two powders use different sweeteners.

The page I linked here is also helpful in providing a general understanding of where your daily needs are and it can provide additional insight for your daily needs with regard to fat loss and an increase in exercise, as well.

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