How much product

I am thinking about buying this product but it doesn’t tell me how much product is in a bag. Since it does not tell me it makes me very skeptical because its most likely a very small amount.

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There’s about 14 servings per bag, and one serving is one cup or 127g. I use Huel once per day (94g serving), 5 days a week (give or take). One bag lasted me about 3 weeks.


Yes, what scampers said. 3 heaping scoops is a 500 calorie serving of the Huel powder. There should be 14 of these servings per bag.

that still doesn’t tell me how much there is . how many pounds in a bag seems like its top secret smh must be small that’s why they do not say … I hate being ripped off.

14 x 127 grams = 1778 grams

Using Google we can convert 1778 grams to 3.92 pounds of powdered food. The bag itself is pretty light, so each filled bag is about 4 lbs total. They are in a sort of triangle shaped bag so they can be laid head to toe inverted, kinda like they are 69-ing in the packing box. (Huel users will understand the reference.) I’m telling you, I’ve ordered 3 times from Huel and never been ripped off by any of their packages. Each bag will give 14 of the 500 calorie doses.



69-ing in the packing box

laughed until I cried. ty for that image.

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The info is pretty easy to find. One serving (500 calories) is three scoops. Each bag contains 14 servings.

They now print the bag contents on the outside of the bag.

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I’ve bought from Huel before, but doing the math just now, they suggest 5 a day to have a complete days worth of nutrition. That’s great, say one person does 4 a day and another meal or snack on top of that. 2 bags of 14 servings a bag, thats 2 bags a week, call it 60 bucks per 2 bags, that’s 240 a month… Depending on your budget, that could be way better than groceries, and thats just for one person…

Food for thought

Edit: i made a typo.

My normal subscription is 2 bags, and it’s less than $60. I think you can cut your estimate in half. Now you’re spending only $120 a month! Even better deal!

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Some people do use Huel for every meal. But really, the best use of Huel is to replace those meals when you don’t have time to prep something nutritious. Like midweek breakfasts or lunch for example. Sometimes you need an easy option and often this leads to unhealthy options.

So when you think of it as under $2 per meal and replacing prepackaged breakfast and lunches compared to those lovely home cooked meals you can see how Huel actually saves you money.

I’m not saying it doesn’t save you money even as a replacement for every meal, I just feel like it’s info everyone should know about the product before buying it.

I made a mistake typing. My math was accurate when you consider 2 bags per 60 bucks

That’s completely fair Ian, thanks for sharing!

I’ve just been told about this product by a friend on a diet to lose weight. He is very happy with his progress.
I, on the other hand, want to gain weight.
I understand the usual calorie intake recommendations, I’ve seen in this post that there is a debate on how many bags you’re need either way.
Weight on the packet to me does not equate to giving that information.
Apologies if I’m not understanding… what is scoop out the weight in the bag. Many thanks in advance.

Hey Karen, no problem I will try and clear this up.

It varies ever so slightly per flavour, but roughly a pouch weighs 1.75kg/3.86lbs.

A scoop holds 50g and we recommend 2 scoops (100g/400kcal) per Huel meal but you can add more or less Huel to suit your needs.

This equates to 17 servings per pouch.

If you want to gain weight, this article may help:

Thank you for your response