Finally Tried Black Chocolate!

So just had my first Huel Black Chocolate. I made it with unsweetened chocolate almond milk and water…immersion blender…put it in the fridge for an hour…then VOILA yumminess. I definitely like this better than the other versions I have tried. I’m stuck at home right now due to COVID-19 spreading in my state so this is the first time I’ve really been making it and not waiting overnight to drink it.

No clumps for me since I used the immersion blender. Not too sweet. I was worried since I usually drink u/u. Thanks Huel for making my life a little easier. Simple macro tracking while I’m stuck at home on my butt. Too easy to eat snacks and junk food all day and not keep track.


It is my fave! Glad you like it too. As the saying goes, once you go black you never go back!


I like the taste of Huel Black. Both chocolate and vanilla. Problem is I feel like I get hungry fairly quickly. Long story short I bought a couple bags of v3.0 to try and see if that helps. I may try mixing them together. I never had a bad experience with Huel. I do blend all my drinks in a blendtec blender.


I will say I may be hungrier earlier than I was with the regular huel - I honestly do not know what version I was drinking before, I just would order the u/u. I think I’m going to stick to all huel during this lockdown so hoping it will at least keep me from craving after a couple weeks.I only ever FEEL like drinking three servings a day so it’s nice to be like oh the other two are my “snacks”. I have a feeling if I drink the full 5 servings a day, I def won’t be hungry ha.

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Debbie, that sounds like an amazing way to make your shake! Thank you for sharing!

We hope you are staying safe and healthy and glad that Huel has been a great option of a meal!


Black fills me up more than RTD. I think it’s the higher protein, as I usually feel more full when I consume higher protein food. Never tried anything other than RTD and Black.


First-time Hueligan here. My order just arrived (1 x Black Chocolate, 1 x Black Vanilla, 1 x V3 Coffee).
Tried the Black Chocolate first, made up a 2-scoop (500ml) shake for my wife and I to share.

The first sip was a shock. A flavour I’ve never experienced before - it tasted like dirty plaster/dry-wall.
But, I powered through and by the end of my shake, the taste was more bearable. My wife gave up, she couldn’t hack it. She tried adding ice and coffee but gave up.

I’ve had chocolate protein shakes before and they tasted much better - like milkshake, but I guess they aren’t an actual meal like Huel is.

I really hope the other flavours are more palatable and that the chocolate continues to grow on me! I really want this Huel project of mine (to replace any meals/snacks besides dinner with Huel) to work! I need to lose some weight and I know that if I reduce my calories, it will work!

It would have been great if I loved the taste of Huel, but at least if I can bear it, it’ll work! Wish us luck :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using Reg Huel + Huel Black for the past 3 years… finally tried Black Chocolate in my last order + was VERY disappointed/waste of a full bag. Even with the addition of a banana it’s not tolerable… doesn’t taste like Chocolate at all. I’ll stick with Salted Caramel + Coffee Caramel.