Anyone can compare 3.0 vs Black

Has anyone used both 3.0 and Black and can compare them. I’m a newbie having only gone through one month of 1.1. I now have an order of Black and find that it really gives me a sour taste along the sides of my tongue when I drink it. Quite unpleasant. I can drink it if I mix it with milk but with water I have to essentially gulp in down and wince. I’ve read the feedback on 3.0 which doesn’t seem to be overall positive. Wondering what to do next as I’m not sure I want to continue with Black but concerned about trying 3.0. Feedback from anyone who’s tried both? (Additional note. I’m comparing the chocolate flavor for each. Didn’t really care for the vanilla or unflavored. Thanks in advance.)

There are just as many people who think that 3.0 is an improvement over 1.1 as the other way around. And probably just as many people who like Vanilla more than Chocolate vs the other way around. My father-in-law, for example, can’t stand the Chocolate flavor and likes Vanilla just fine.

So the way people feel about flavors isn’t a very good indicator of how you’ll perceive them, but if you read enough comparisons, you might be able to find one from someone who feels similarly to you about other flavors and maybe draw a conclusion from that.

You might check the Huel subreddit too.

Good thought. Thanks.

I’ve tried both 3.0 and Black chocolate. I’d caveat this by saying that I blend and refrigerate for at least 4-5 hours before drinking.

In short, both are different but tasty in their own unique way. I find 3.0 to be slightly thicker with a milder, even flavor. Not overly sweet and the cocoa is very noticeable. I think I like it a little more than Black. I find it weirdly comforting to drink.

Black is smooth but does have a specific after-taste. Some have described it as “plastic” or “chemical”…but I don’t think it’s that. It’s a slight bitterness after the initial sweetness. I don’t find it unpleasant and after 3-4 my taste buds adjusted and it was less noticeable.

So overall 3.0 is better tasting for me - but as somebody else noticed taste is highly personal.

What you are tasting In the Black is the flax. It is pretty pronounced. I do find it more filling without the oats. I’m not sure i will continue with the black however because the fiber doesn’t agree with my system, even after 3 -4 weeks. I’ve not specifically tried 3.0, but I found the previous version to be a little more textured and thicker, again due to the oats, but it didn’t have the flax flavor. I also add a scoop of casein protein which gives it a smoother feel and it seems to work better for me.

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I think you’re right about the flax. One of my kids has an allergy to eggs so - when we bake - I often use flax as an egg substitute. It works ok but you can occasionally detect the slight after-taste of flax in certain recipes. I replaced 3.0 with Black for breakfast last week and it did keep me well-filled until well after lunch. I was worried that the lack of slow-digesting oats would make it less-filling, but that really wasn’t the case. I think I’m going to stick with both for another couple of months and see how things continue to work out…

Well, as one person commented, everybody’s taste buds are different. I’m not thrilled with Black but going to keep with it and see how it goes. Will try one bag of 3.0 shortly to see what I think of that as well to test and be sure.

In the meantime, I’ve orders three months of 1.0 that I can at least cut the others 1:1 with as needed until I make a decision.

Thanks to all who responded. Good community.


Comparing flavor:
If you dislike the flavor of 3.0 vanilla, you’ll really dislike the Black Edition Vanilla. Either the lack of carbs, or increased pea protein change the overall flavor.

Comparing cost:
Black Edition is a lot lot more expensive. I’d only buy it if you want a high protein diet. I buy a few bags of Black, and do 1x serving per day. The rest is all 3.0

I think about the same.

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I have tried every powdered Huel product to date and have to say tha Huel Black Vanilla is my favorite. I had been a UU consumer before black came out due to a negative reaction I was having to sucralose. I liked normal Huel chocolate and found normal vanilla tolerable, now I am finding Huel Black chocolate tolerable.

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Not sure how willing you are to use add-ins, but I drink Huel Black Vanilla, but always blend it with either (a) 50g spinach + 90g frozen berries or (b) 25g peanut butter powder + 50g spinach. For (b), I reduce the amount of Huel to only 75g, which seems to work well. Both are delicious. So if you are trying to force down the black, consider adding some berries or something to it (if you have a blender available).

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