So disappointed

Just got my first shipment of 3 huel black favors: vanilla, chocolate and banana. Eager to see what I was getting myself into I mixed up a banana one. Wow, does it taste awful! I don’t know how they’re flavoring this stuff but it left an awful aftertaste in my mouth that I can’t get rid of. I don’t mind the texture, which is a little sandy and un-food-like but tolerable. But I am not going to do well with this if all the favors have this dreadful, chemical sweetener aftertaste. I guess I’m just going to have to learn to starve myself of calories and tolerate the constant gnawing hunger (aka dieting).

You know you’re supposed to mix it in water, right?

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Have you ever drank protein shakes before or is this your first time ? I’m actually using HUEL white and the Berry is very good. I mix it with almond milk and water…but it in the blender and mix it up. The shaker cup doesn’t do it for me. I need it smoothed out.

with the black, i only get the chocolate flavor. i use mix of water and almond milk in mine and drop in a small portion of frozen berries and use hand blender. i love the flavor and the hand blender seems to get everything mixed properly.

I also don’t mind the texture. Blending takes away from the convenience factor. I’m out 12-16 hours a day so a massive vanilla drink is all I take. I wouldn’t try banana myself