Smelly shaker between recipes


How can I get the odor off my shaker? I made a soup recipe in it one time, and now no matter what I do, it smells like soup. What can I do to make it smell normal again?


Spend the $6 on another shaker, keep the old one for another round of soup?


We’re going to need more details on this soup in a shaker situation…

But in all seriousness, plastic is great at absorbing smells, so it might take a little elbow grease. I did a quick google on how to get smell out of plastic shakers and a bunch of YouTube videos that look helpful popped up. Maybe give one of those a shot and share with the rest of us what worked the best!


As Teresa notes plastic does like to absorb smells.

Have you tried giving it a was with hot water and white vinegar? Even letting it soak for a bit might be helpful. The vinegar is great for getting odors out and evaporates once dry. After another normal wash you should be good to go!


To make the soup, I just replaced the water with sodium free chicken bouillon, did the unflavored Huel, And added some garlic. It was OK. It was kind of bland though. I heated up the water mixture first and then added the Huel. It was also kind of gritty, but maybe I just noticed more because it was hot. But now my shaker smells like chicken soup. I have washed it, made other shakes in it, and yes, I did try soaking it with hot water and vinegar. I also tried soaking it in water and baking soda. The odor is a bit less, but it is not gone. I do not have a dishwasher because I live in a tiny apartment that only has a sink. The only other things I can think of our to use the two together, or try sanitizing it with Starsan. Oh yes, I also tried soaking it in Oxiclean. I would’ve tried bleach, but I am worried that would ruin the plastic, and I learned the hard way that bleach can’t go in my particular sync because I try to use it to kill bacteria in the sink one time, and a chalky substance was all over the sink once I drained it. I was worried the sink was ruined, but I was able to use a sponge to wipe off the chalky substance. However, I don’t think I should do that again. Boiling it would be very hard because I don’t think I have a path that would be big enough for him, and that would be bad for the plastic. I was thinking putting it in the microwave with water, baking soda, and vinegar and it boiling that, but I am worried it would explode. I suppose I could try plain water first. I really liked this shaker, and I don’t want to switch to a different one. They may have some metal ones, but they would be more expensive, and I like this one because it is designed for the product and the ounces are on it. I am tired of drinking shakes that smells like a mixture of vanilla and chicken soup. I made one with chocolate, so now it will probably smell like a mixture of vanilla, chocolate, and chicken soup. I can’t just have the same flavor all the time. Buying a new one is not a solution either because then the same thing will happen to it when I switch flavors, and I will be right back where I started.


Maybe like what @miked said, if you get a second shaker, just use the new one for your Huel meals and the current shaker for your soup. If you got a frosted shaker, it would be easier to tell the difference.


Hey @Sabra_Ewing, I think the only reason it retained the smell was from putting hot liquid in it. I mix a few different flavors in mine cold and do not have any smell retained from those.


…or, you know, the one that smells like soup…
is for soup. :slight_smile: