Left Used Shaker at work

On a Friday I left my used shaker at work. For a week it sat on my desk. I brought it home tonight, and I was overwhelmed by the pungent plume of Hades’ fume. Ever smell spoiled watermelon? Almost that bad. Just saying. Clean your shakers regularly :grin:


Left one in a vehicle for about 5 days. strongly considered throwing it away.

I’m a former user of protein powders, I know all to well the foulness of a neglected shaker :face_vomiting:

Ha I once left it for about a week… I’m pretty sure some nats spawned from it

Even overnight out it smells terrible. Like something fermenting.

Left mine in my car for few days once. It was real smelly. Washed it a couple times and let it sit for while. Smell did go away and I’m still using it.