Is the mixer microwave/freezer/diswasher safe?

When I was researching the shaker to answer a question on here, I noticed that Buchsteiner’s website mentions the shakers are microwave safe. However, I do not see the indicator for that embossed on the bottom of my shaker. Mine only indicates food grade.

I have not done anything hot in my shaker because I wasn’t sure the plastic was meant for that, but if it is microwave safe, that would be a different story. Does the Huel shaker have all the features mentioned on Buchstiner’s website or are those only available options and not reflective of the Huel shaker itself?

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Hi Adam! :wave: In checking out the Buchsteiner website myself, I too saw that they list the shaker as microwave-safe. We have not personally tested using our shakers in the microwave, so if this is something you are looking to try, be watchful and do so carefully.

If you try heating up your Huel, we don’t recommend using boiling water though, as this may affect its nutritional profile. To avoid this, boil the water and let it cool, or simply mix it with cold water before adding it to your Huel.

I had a shaker I could donate to the cause (ie. I have spares), so decided to give it a try.

The plastic felt a bit softer while warm, but no to the point it could deform. What was left off the Huel label on the outside seemed unaffected (not sure if this was a general problem, but mine started to wear of immediately.). No off-gassing that I could smell and no change of taste could be noticed.

Plastics are devilish things so all the above really says nothing about what is going on chemically, so it would be nice to know that manufacture says they are safe. However, from a “am I going to destroy my shaker” standpoint, they seem safe.

Note that if you are microwaving you shaker uncap the spout. Otherwise you will be greeted to a loud pop, and possibly a small mess when it pops off.

From Huel staff and subsequently, several attempts personally made, I can promise that all of the shaker parts are dishwasher safe (though I use top rack, normal mode personally so I don’t tempt fate).

The scoops are recommended to be hand washed though.

as a rule i try NOT to microwave or put through the dishwasher any plastics of any sort. because they warp, melt, can give off hazardous fumes, and especially when microwaving (i am assuming that you are doing this with food in the container) the process of making most plastics leads them to bleeding off chemicals into your foodstuffs when heated… definitely look into exactly what you are working with BEFORE microwaving or dishwashing or entering into a cage fight… even something as seemingly harmless as a water bottle is not good to leave sitting around with water in it for too long, for the same reason. the water will begin to leach chemicals from the plastic that you probably shouldn’t be drinking. always drink fresh water from a bottle.