Constant food comas?

Anyone else just feel like they constantly have no energy on huel. Been taking alot of naps because of it

I’m the opposite. Before Huel, I needed a nap after work. Now I sometimes I still take one, but I don’t need it. I have more energy, but to be honest, my diet has improved a lot since I started Huel. I do a Huel in the morning and for dinner, and eat a normal lunch.

Are you on only Huel and getting enough calories? That’s the only thing I can think of.

Have you made any other changes in your life around the same time as introducing Huel into your diet?

How long have you been having Huel for?

Only time this happens is if I miss a meal, I am 100% Huel and crash hard if I miss one, make sure you getting enough calories.

When I drink my evening Huel dinner I actually feel a small burst of energy, like I just did a small shot of coffee. My mind becomes quite alert, especially the first two hours after I eat/drink it.