Hot flash and insomnia

Starting day 3 on Huel doing 2 servings a day. Since I started I’ve been having trouble sleeping - difficulties getting to sleep and staying asleep. Last night after finally falling asleep I woke up with a hot flash or night sweat. The temperature in my face, chest, and arms soared then I began sweating. After a few minutes I had to get out of bed for cold water as I couldn’t cool down. Eventually after 10 minutes or so it went away and I felt cold and clammy.

I’m really hoping this is temporary. I need a good nights sleep and the hot flash scared me a bit. I’ve never experienced anything like that.

Any tips on how to lessen possible sleep issues as I get started? Thanks!

If this is your first time consuming Huel I would recommend starting slow with one meal a day for a week or two and then add the second meal after that. Not sure if it would help with your specific issue but may help your body adjust to the new “diet”. I know from being here on the forums that this has helped with other issues by easing into the new routine.

Hey @Sugar - welcome to the US Huel forum!

So sorry to hear this. Generally speaking, there’s nothing in Huel that should cause this to occur so long as you’re not intolerant or allergic to any of the ingredients. I would recommend chatting to your doctor as soon as possible (if you haven’t already) to see if they can assist in pinpointing the cause so you know going forward too.

If it’s alright, I’d also like to learn a bit more (feel free to drop me a direct message if preferred too!):

  • Do you have any food allergies or intolerances?
  • Has this ever happened before?
  • Have you had Huel before this and what times during the day do you typically consume it?
  • Has anything else changed in your intake and how do you feel during the day?
  • Lastly, have you tried taking Huel out of your intake and if so, does this still occur?

Let me know and happy to chat through further!