Single box of protein bars

I don’t exactly need 24 protein bars when they come in at 200kcal - but they are perfect with the slow digested carbohydrates, etc. Might be nice to get single boxes for cases like driving (travel), study breaks, in pocket while gardening, etc. but don’t need so many. Just throwing the idea out there.

Of course, I went ahead and ordered two boxes. The shelf life is quite long so hopefully, I can find enough uses for the majority of them.


How did you like the bars? Any favorite?

They are all pretty awful honestly. Taste and mouth-feel.

Bummer. I was thinking of order a couple of the singles before ordering any boxes…just for that possibility.


Sorry to hear that Eric :frowning: try popping them in the microwave for 10 seconds! I sometimes like to do that then have with a scoop of yogurt too!

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