First Order Arrives Tomorrow

Firstly, thank you to all who have posted here! I have gained some good stuff from reading! My first order arrives tomorrow!

A little about why I chose Huel:

I currently have a mix of medical conditions both physical and mental that make prepping/eating a meal a straight up impossibility sometimes. I have always had a ridiculously high metabolism, low body fat (talking olympic athlete levels here and I don’t exercise) etc. and eating is simply too difficult sometimes. This past couple of years have seen me go from 5’9" 127lbs down to 102 last time i dared check the scale. I have tried the odd protein shake to supplement but it isn’t a replacement! I said to my partner that I needed to do something or I was going to sit and watch myself slowly die. Huel, is a potential life saver (I say this with all seriousness). I purchased my first order the next day.

I am hoping that by using it to replace a meal per day, with a normal “family meal” at night, I can start building the caloric/nutritional buffer to then move toward healthier living. I may go to 2 meal replacements a day if I like the product/benefits. My plan is to add peanut butter to maximize caloric and fat intake as while I love carbs, my body needs protein, fats, and vitamins!

So there is my intro I suppose. Look forward to getting to know the product and those in the community that are passionate about it!

Check out the Recipes tab for some super ideas to rock out those shakes.

Experiment. Enjoy.

Stay hydrated.

The extra fiber may cause excess gas for a couple of days.

You may like to try the bars. The might help to fill the void.


Thank you!

I have seen a lot of recipe ideas and they sound so good! I definitely have taken the advice of adding fruit, peanut butter, honey etc. I got flavored versions though so I will need to play with it, super excited!

I am prepared for gas, my digestive system tends to do that when I switch diets like every human anyway, but I find that my body gets more gassy the more dairy and fats I consume and I will be using full fat milk for these to help boost my caloric intake. I had to warn my parnter about it so she wasn’t unprepared :slight_smile:

The bars are something I looked at, so it is good to hear that confirmed. Depending on the bar, chewing and swallowing it can be a chore and a deterrent, so I am wary. I will have to look into some experiences further around those. Thanks!

Today is the day!

Good luck you will crush it💪 I am always here and happy to help you and if you ever have nutrition queries tag @Charlotte_Huel and she will help :sparkling_heart:
Proud to have you as a Hueligan!

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Thanks! Fed Ex had a delay but I’ve got it now! The bottle is amazing, and I have another in the fridge for tomorrow!

Good luck and I hope it delivers the experience you want. I am taking one or two shakes a day for ease of use and medical reasons. So far so good. I love Huel.

Do beware of the gas. It usually only lasts a week or so, but it’s deadly. I have two boxes of protein bars, they are okay for a heavy snack but they taste like chalk. The price of portability I suppose.

Let us know how you get on.