New product launch 🌟 A Complete Protein Bar!

We’re raising the bar - Introducing our Complete Protein Bar! :heart_eyes:


We are really excited about this product, whether you love our v3.1 bars or don’t, you will love these!

Here are some things you need to know!

4 new delicious flavors:
:candy: Salted Caramel
:strawberry: Raspberry
:banana: Banana Pudding
:peanuts: Peanut Butter

  • 66% higher in plant-based protein *than our v3.1 Bar (20g per bar - 18g for the Peanut Butter)
  • 70% less sugar* (1.1g - 2.4g per bar)
  • Covered in a delicious cocoa coating
  • 200 calories per bar
  • Includes honeycomb, raspberry, banana and peanut pieces

Obviously, we’ve crammed in 27 vitamins and minerals and made sure every bar is nutritionally complete, but we’ve also really turned up the taste and covered the whole thing in a smooth cocoa coating too. Protein bars won’t ever be the same.

You can find all the nutritional information here: The Huel Complete Protein Bar Formula Explained

And the product page here: Huel Complete Protein Bar

We are getting each site up and running, so if you hit the link it might not be available just yet, but give it time and it will be! Please don’t contact the CX team just yet!

If you want to try a few flavors you can add a Variety Box via the ‘Exclusive Basket Offers’ section of the checkout or via your account (just scroll down on the Account Overview page).

If you have any questions at all, then just drop them below!



Awesome news, can’t wait to try them.

Any plans to release a black rtd?

I’m not sure what either of these suggestions are talking about. On the product page, one of the flavor choices is a 12-bar “Variety Box”, but I can’t figure out a way to order that without ordering TWO boxes.

So here’s my request/feedback: both for this and the classic Huel bars (which I have yet to try), you guys need to allow purchasing a small taster pack that simply has one of each. I’m not going to spend $3.47 (or $3.12) per bar for 24 bars when I have no idea whether I’m even going to be able to stomach them.

Nothing in the pipeline, but we are always up to something :wink:

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Hey @rsaw,
We hear you. It is not something we are currently considering, but we are always trying to make our products more accessible.

Will be adding a bit for my next subscription delivery!

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Not too different in nutritional composition from the OG bars, which I am using a lot of these days. I just hope you still keep the originals even if these new bars end up being popular. I appreciate the different options you give. And I appreciate that you’ve kept all your original products even while unveiling new ones. Some people still prefer the old ones.

I’ve morphed how I do Huel. For the first two years I was a loyal customer of the vanilla powder and blended my dose each night before work. Then as things have changed I’ve found that pre-made bottles and bars are the better fit for me. It’s interesting because when the bars were originally announced I said I would never use them. But things change and now the bars are the most convenient and practical option for me now. Who knows , maybe one day I’ll do these new bars.

Can’t wait for the Huel transdermal patch. Talk about convenience.


I just wish the RTD bottles would have slightly higher protein. I’m 6’4 245 so a 20g meal isn’t really cutting it for me. Soylent has complete protein bottles which I’ve gravitated towards, along with owyn pro elite. Nonetheless, I’m a Hueler for life but like you, I’ve switched it up a bit.



Side question, but I did not want to start a separate thread. Do the coffee caramel Huel bars (original) have any actual coffee in them? In other words, is there any added caffeine beyond the small amount naturally found in the chocolate chips?

Hey Deron!

I believe caffeine is actually undetectable in the coffee caramel flavor of Huel Bars v3.1. Confirming with our team on this and will get back to you ASAP. :grin:

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Hey Deron - our team confirmed the results were below the level of detection on our lab tests for caffeine in Coffee Caramel Huel v3.1 Bars!

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Thanks. Hopefully the level of taste will be ABOVE detection. I’ll give them a try.

So far the chocolate are probably my favorite overall for taste.

Okay, I must admit - your reply gave me a chuckle! I hope so too. :crossed_fingers:

One suggestion for Huel bars (if you have not tried this already) is to microwave them for 10 seconds or less. I unwrap, place in a microwave-safe dish, and microwave for ten seconds or less. It warms them up slightly and really ups the flavor game even more, in my opinion! :slight_smile:

I put the chocolate one in my scrubs pants pocket for about 30 minutes and I get similar results from your microwave suggestion.

Outer pocket, just to be clear.

There seems to be inconsistencies in the look and taste of the coffee caramel bars. A few I has were lighter color, similar looking to the salted caramel. And now I just ate one that looks real dark and looks almost exactly like the chocolate bars. They also tasted different. I mean they’re both edible and I prefer the darker variant. But I am wondering if there is a change in formulation.

Hey Deron!

Sorry to hear this - that doesn’t sound right to me. Would you be able to drop us an email to with photos of the bars as well as the batch information? You can also mention me and I’ll be able to grab the email to assist you further. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone tried them yet? Curious to hear some feedback before I take the plunge and order a few boxes.