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ok, so this stuff was recommended to me by a friend. its fossilized alga. it kills parasites. if you get a food grade one then it is safe to consume.

it works.

i had reflux and bloatedness due to years ago mixing medication with cider. the last years to stop the reflux ive been on: medication that blocked nutrients being absorbed in the gut, then baking soda instead, then healing crystal elixirs. they worked in different ways, the best being the elixirs.

now diatomaceous earth, it detoxes and clears out the parasites that cause it in the first place, so its been only two days, im going on it for a course of a week and i can tell its working.

so for anyone that has side effects when consuming huel; CONSIDER THIS:

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)


I agree that diatomaceous earth has noticeable change, I’m just not really sure why/how.

Note, the “food grade” is not what goes in your pool filter. Very important.

I ordered a 50 pound bag years ago and probably haven’t even used 10%.

Oh yeah, be careful to not inhale any dust produced while transferring from bag to bottle. It’s safe enough to eat, but not to breathe.

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ive read its basically the same problem as household dust. so its nothing to worry about.

its really working for me.

I recommend it for gas, bloatedness and reflux.

why or how = the bad gut health is to do with parasites that the DE kills.


people who use huel can sometimes have bad gut health and blame Huel. with symptoms of diarrhea etc…

truth is Huel is clean.

probably the cleanest food available to buy online.

the problem was there in the first place, gut health, extremely important.

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I wouldn’t call diatomaceous earth vegan, as it comes from diatoms - and that’s exploitation (even if they’re not alive and don’t even know what vegan’s about, I could say the same of any animal’s body and parts turned into food), so it’s not a solution to me for someone who’s vegan.

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im vegan and its been my last resort.

im on it as a course for a week or so, until the symptoms stop. interestingly it doesnt feel non vegan.

otherwise you can also try oregano oil.

If you found seashells on the beach, then grind them up to make a calcium supplement would you suggest that’s not vegan?

I can appreciate not exploiting animals. Where do you draw the line though? DE is the fossilized remains of prehistoric algae. Does it diminish vegan cred to put dead dinosaur in your car? Can vegans wear wool? How about silk?

I invite you to make a new post/threat so you can explain this to me. I have a difficult time imagining how the modern concept of veganism could have existed prior to so much of the non-vegan enabling technologies that make it possible today.

Can vegans own pets? I hope I just misunderstand the application of basic principles.


i like this topical idea.

topic created

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Sorry I did make a mistake - diatomaceous earth would be vegan, as it comes form unicellular organisms - that’s where I personally draw the line.

I meant to say that they’re not Jain vegan - as they don’t consume microorganisms.

These are my views - and every vegan’s answers will be different:

Seashells are not vegan:

Yeah - dead dinosaur in a car wouldn’t be vegan to me. That’s why some people will use vegetable oil.

Nope to silk and wool.

I don’t believe that vegans can own pets - that’s speciesism.

I don’t see a reason why I would add my viewpoints to a huel forum. You could see them all though at


Oregano oil sounds cool - although some people said they got ill from it. Do you mean lavender? English lavender always helps me the best.

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i read that when the diatomaceous earth kills the parasites you can feel a bit ill with a headache as a side effect. that means its working, im experiencing that.

in my opinion its worth it!

it does wear off in a day, in my experience.

i feel cleansed.

im doing oregano oil too, and i think thats the one that gave me a runny stool. so its worth noting. i suppose this is always the way and the reason people are put off by detoxing, but thats the whole idea

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I never took DE nor oregano oil, so it’s good to know (thanks for helping me understand). Have you ever tried eating English lavender?

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no i havent actually.

i will research it now…

thanks for the recommendation.

i have used lavender incense and lavender aroma.

but not consuming it, is that what u mean?

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I do mean consuming it. Idk how breathing it in will help out outside of lungs and skin lol. I haven’t tried incense or aroma, but in my experience just breathing the flowers help a little and eating it a lot.

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never heard of eating it,…

i know its good for sleeping and relaxing when breathing it…

Yeah, everybody could just google everything because interacting with real people is so old school.

I asked you to share your thoughts because i wanted to know specifically what you think/feel. I asked a barrage of questions that would have been much more difficult to find answers in various articles around the internet - but you succinctly answered all in one place. Thank you for that.


Brewed a beer using it once (for a competition). It was OK, kind of weird because it smelled like soap, but the taste wasn’t bad.