A Little Positive to Counter the Negative

I’ve added my fair share of agreements to the 3.0 debacle but I’m one of those people that needs balance so here’s my positive side to Huel. I’ve been using it is a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch for just over 3 months now. 2 scoops for breakfast, 2 scoops for lunch, usually mixing 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate, and I just realized the other day that I haven’t taken a Zantac or anything for acid re-flux since starting Huel.

Crazy as that sounds, it’s true, my usual nights consisted of waking up once or twice with the dreaded vurps (vomit burps), my acid re-flux homies know what i’m talking about. Eating a meal that used to end with “I’ll pay for that later” now end with, “Damn that was delicious and I missed being able to eat that”.

Did Huel cure my acid re-flux? I’m not a doctor and i’m making no professional claims that it did but it seems like a major coincidence that the day I opened the Huel bag was the day I no longer opened the Zantac bottle.


Thanks so much for the feedback here @Crunchy_Bob😁 So glad you’ve been feeling top notch since starting Huel! Keep up the awesome work and give us a shout if you ever need anything in the future💪


Going along with the positive thoughts for the day on Huel I would like to add one too. A couple years back the doctor told me I would have to go on high cholesterol medication if I didn’t start eating better etc. The paperwork she gave with instructions how to reduce cholesterol mentioned oats and blueberries can help among others.
Shortly after that I started on Huel every day because of the oats being the main ingredient and I am convinced that Huel got my blood testing back in check on the annual physicals. Making hot oatmeal as a breakfast type thing every day didn’t really appeal to me, and it takes too much time etc. I really like the taste of Huel (versions 1 series anyways ) with blueberries and what not. Two years in a row the doctor has told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing. Overall I am a big fan of Huel and their product/health concepts.


@Crunchy_Bob I’m right there with you. I’m on 3 Huel meals, with 1 “normal” meal a day. I’ve also noticed my acid re-flux has become a non issue and my pepcid has been untouched.
Yesterday was my “slack” day. 2 Beers, a bean n’ veggie burrito with hot sauce, should have had me sitting upright in a chair all night. Worst thing to come from it was a bit of an overly full feeling. Easily remedied by a walk around the block with the dog when I got home.
Here’s to what is hopefully a Vurp Free Future!

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