Reflux/heart burn

Ok guys, I’m on day 2 and struggling with horrible heartburn/reflux. I’ve read multiple posts about the gas and getting used to it, but I have IBS and reflux as it is, and frankly being more affected is making this hard. I bought the Vanilla gluten free, I don’t have a gluten allergy per say, but thought the less irritating ingredients for my guts, the better.
Someone give me a light at the end of the tunnel, I can not give up this easy, but just got my acid reflux under control. I’m afraid I’m going to have to start up those meds again, and creating side affects was not something I was anticipating. Sorry I’m a bit whiney, my co-worker was cooking a freaking beef roast at her desk lol, and I think I’m a bit hangry.
Any pointers that do not require filling a prescription med would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks

Hey there, @Trixies! :wave: I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some heart burn and acid reflux. That is never a fun experience. We typically suggest that your Huel is blended well with lots of water, only small amounts are consumed at one time (max 2 scoops, sipped) and hot beverages are not consumed around the same time as consuming Huel. Hope this helps! Let us know if the issue persists. Perhaps, @JamesCollier might have some additional words of wisdom for you. :face_with_monocle:

There may be hope: every person is different, but for what its worth I’ve never gotten heartburn from Huel, but would on my pre-Huel diet. Teresa’s advice of taking it slow and not too much at at a time is good.

The only other thing I thought of was I’m not sure how much Huel you are consuming per day. If you had a diet that was working for you, you’d want to be sure to introduce Huel slowly and ramp up over time rather.

Ohhhhhhh that might be an issue. Yesterday I goofed having not understood
the mixing directions, so I only used one scoop, today I used 3 scoops each
time. I’m doing breakfast and lunch, and then a healthy dinner. Tomorrow
I’ll try 2 scoops and see if there’s less irritation, because yesterday
wasn’t as bad. THANKS GUYS!!

HI @Trixies - sorry to hear you’ve had problems. if you’re prone to these things, I would suggest you take things slowly - good advice above.

Another tip is make sure you don’t consume hot beverages around the time you’re having your Huel as hot drinks leave the stomach more slowly than cooler ones.

keeping an eye on this one… i’ve got a hiatal (sp?) hernia, causing reflux for me as well… thanks for the advice! and @Trixies, good luck with stopping your reflux!

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My wife had reflux early on. Reduced to 2 scoops per shaker and it went away and then worked back up to 3 scoops.

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Thanks! Trying 2 today and so far so good, much better than yesterday!


@Teresa_Huel You say that you only recommend 2 scoops of Huel at a time, but it says to use 3 scoops right on the packaging. Is 2 scoops a revised recommendation?

Hi @wesm! Sorry for my delayed response. The 2 scoop recommendation is for those who suffer from acid reflux or heartburn.

I recommend you drink a good dose of water before you Huel.

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I have also experienced a slight heartburn, burping and a little looser gut. Using the same gluten free vanilla flavored huel. I will try to go down to 2 scoops too.


Experiences with heartburn and burping could also be associated with overall consumption speed. Please remember to intake Huel slowly, do not slam the shake down. This is important for our metabolism. Consuming / drinking your shake at a very slow pace will allow your food to process easier.

Try this out and hopefully this works out for some of you who are experiencing similar issues with Huel.

Aaron Ballesteros

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