How should I feel after my first huel?

I’ve seen people post some different reactions, mentioning GI issues, bloating, etc. I just got my first order yesterday. For dinner, based on what I had seen online (a serving = 3 scoops), I had decided to mix a scoop into soup for dinner and with a smoothie for desert.

Both were okay (soup was a bit gluey, smoothie had extra water and fruit added and I wouldn’t have known huel was in it if I hadn’t made it).

But shortly afterwards, it felt like my stomach had grown 3x in size and was pressing outwards. I then realized a serving size was 2 scoops, so I had a full serving plus soup, plus some fruit. I was also drinking coffee with soymilk.

I tried to sort of walk it off before going to bed - didn’t help much.

Waking up this morning, I felt like my stomach was still digesting and my stomach is making weird noises (like it’s trying to talk to me).

So, just wondering if I should be prepared for any GI issues today and if I should risk having more for lunch (I probably will).

Is this experience typical?

It sounds like you have experienced a bit of bloating. This is normally due to the high fiber content, the average Western diet is low in fiber so it can take a bit of time for the body to adjust.

You can try easing yourself in and having less Huel, @Deron recommends enzymes (I can’t remember which ones) to aid digestion of these fibers but they can be a bit hit and miss.

Update: Decided to go ahead and have a second huel for lunch. I’m fine - haven’t had to poop/fart/etc and it’s been several hours since having some u/u huel with a little coffee and some coconut sugar.

Despite the coffee/sugar, it still tasted a lot like oatmeal to me. I had no issues with the texture, but between the water/coffee, I probably used a lot more liquid than called for.

Added bonuses - though it’s been a few hours, I’m still not hungry. If anything, I still feel a bit full. Normally by this point in the day, I really want a snack. I’ve also had sustained energy - when my lunch is too big, I feel drowsy afterwards. So far, I feel ready to go and not at all drowsy.


digestive enzymes supplement, drinking it slower, watering it down. Those are the 3 that I found helped me while I was getting used to Huel.

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like @Deron said, try drinking it slower. when i have chugged it in the past, i’m miserable. also, if you like it thicker or thinner, it’s all up to you. i know i like mine a bit more watery than following the exact directions… usually put in 400-ish mL, add my huel and powdered peanut butter+ whatever else, shake like crazy, then top off the bottle with water.

but you do you, and enjoy the ride!

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