Should I try Huel again? Failed on first version

So I previously tried huel years ago, was the first version I believe. I used it for about a month or so. I enjoyed the convenience, didn’t mind the taste, and I really wanted to love it. But it did not work out for me at all. I had the worst gas imaginable while on it, seriously is was frequent and deathly. I kept going thinking maybe it was phase, but I eventually developed IBS type symptoms. Stomach cramping, irregular bowel movements, terrible GERD. All resolved when I stopped Huel. I still have some GERD that can be exacerbated by some foods, but the Huel definitely was a big trigger.

I see there are are newer formulations and even a higher protein black version. Basically, I just got my annual labs back and have high cholesterol and want to try to get back on Huel for the convenience and health benefits… if it’s worth it. I don’t want to spend the money for a whole bag just to find out I have the same issues. So has anyone had similar experiences with the older version but not so much with the newer ones?



Hey I’m glad you’re back and asking questions!

I haven’t had any similar experiences, but I would definitely encourage you to try again, maybe especially the low-carb version, called Huel Black. I’m not a nutritionist at all - just someone who has tried Huel and loved it.

That said, maybe you should start with a half serving (one scoop plus 8 oz or more of water), and only every-other-day.
Or just try eating a simple bowl of oatmeal and see how your stomach reacts to that before starting Huel, since that’s the major ingredient.

@Charlotte_Huel (a Huel employee) or @Deron (a REALLY INFORMED Huel customer) might have better insight.

Good luck, either way! It’s great that you’re looking for ways to get healthier. (I’m still fighting that fight for myself…)


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Thanks for the reply. I eat oats a lot, it’s my go to breakfast and I often mix dry oats in smoothies, so that’s not it. Was thinking maybe more the pea protein and fiber content, but not sure.

I think you’re suggestion of easing into is good too, I did not really do that before. If I do decide to try it again will give that a shot.

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Hey @Brometheus!

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner here. I had been off and missed this one! Thanks so much for the tag, @rbgamblin :slight_smile:

If it’s alright with you, I’d like to learn a bit more to see if I can provide some suggestions too. How were you preparing your Huel and how long did it typically take you to consume? How often were you having it?

If you have GERD, I would recommend Huel v3.0 to start rather than Huel Black Edition due to the higher fat content of Huel Black Edition. Or you can certainly try out Huel Complete Protein, if you’d like. This product is more of a snack or addition to your intake for a boost of protein rather than a meal though so it depends on what you’re looking for!

The reason for the above recommendation is that some do not tolerate higher fat foods with GERD so v3.0 or Complete Protein may be a better place to start!

Lastly, I totally agree with this suggestion. Play around with the amount of fluid, make sure you are consuming it over the course of 20-30 minutes or so, and see how that goes!


I had the same experience as you. I’m not a nutritionist or any kind of doctor so take this with a grain of salt. My opinion about why Huel didn’t work for me was the same as your suspicion: pea protein / too much fiber (particularly soluble fiber). One idea for how to test this without buying a whole bag: get yourself some “No Cow” Bars. They are vegan protein bars that are also made of pea protein. I found that they cause the same problems as Huel. If you eat two of them in a sitting that’ll give you the same protein content as a single serving of Huel Black (IIRC). Try it for a day or a week and see what happens. Just an idea.


This was years ago so I don’t remember exactly. But I believe I usually mixed one scoop (or whatever 1 serving size was) into water and drank it over 5 minutes or so. Usually had it to replace lunch, sometimes breakfast.

I probably occasionally mixed it with smoothies that includes fruit, almond milk, and spinach.

(Psst) it’s the fiber, shhhhhhh😶

That is what I was thinking also. There probably is something in Huel that does not agree with Brometheus’s stomach. It would probably be smart for him to try to figure out what it is.

Figured I’d post an update. Ordered a bag of the coffee and salted caramel flavors. About a week in. Started with a half scoop day 1. No issues, been doing 1 scoop huel mixed with 1 scoop low carb whey protein with lunch along with a side snack for the past week. Sometimes I’ll put both huel and whey scoop in a smoothie for lunch if I’m off work.

So far no issues whatsoever. Not even gas issue I had before. Think I’ll continue to take it slow, maybe after a few weeks I’ll add 1 scoop in morning and 1 at lunch.

Either way, happy with purchase so far. New flavors are decent. Thanks for recommendations on here.


GERD can also be weight dependent if you’re over weight. Actually I would say I suffer much the same symptoms as you when I started Huel. For me though the goal with huel was always weight loss. Once I lost over 20 pounds my GERD symptoms subsided massively and now at over 30 lbs lost I NEVER suffer any symptoms of GERD. Zero heart burn.

As for being gassy/stinky farts… Sorry yo that’s a plant based diet for ya lol. Some one correct me if you disagree but IMO that problem won’t go away. Some of your other symptoms may also subside as your body adjusts to a new diet… I’m not expert but this has been my experience.

Oh and yeah I recommend Huel. Personally (simply based on taste/texture ALONE) I say go for huel black. I see that an ACTUAL expert recommends the opposite so I would defer to their advice honestly but speaking on behalf of myself having tried all the flavors I do like the huel black and think you should give it a shot. especially if you think there is merit to my idea that your GERD could be a result of being excessively overweight (which you didnt mention). I was 244 lbs (Obese) and now I’m 210 and my gerd is gone despite my diet even when eating things which used to always cause heartburn.

I started with Huel Black and had zero issues with gas, stomach, Gerd or bowel movements. However I started cutting Black 50/50 with V3.0 for taste and to get some carbs. I do have some gas now with that combo, Black had almost none. I consume Huel twice a day for breakfast and dinner, I just can’t do 3 times a day. Twice a day does not bother me but I have to eat a very healthy meal in between , if I eat fried food or something gassy well look out, the stench is unbearable. That works out for me because it reminds me to eat healthy, no fast food for me. For some reason Huel has made me want to eat healthy anyway, I do not crave snacks or bad foods anymore. I think the extra protein has made me able to avoid the bad things as I am not as hungry.

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Yes. May I suggest, if typically using two scoops, that you only use one. I’ve been replacing breakfast and lunch, but only take one scoop every 3 hours (12fl oz of water) from 0700 - 1600. Eat a nice, balanced dinner at 1900 or so.

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