Should I continue using these other supplements?

I just got my first shipment yesterday, looking forward to starting. I have one question- I currently take a daily multivitamin and a daily fiber supplement, should I continue using these?

Seems like Huel will give me the benefits I’m getting from the supplements.

Curious what others have done.


It will largely depend on your diet and your needs. I wasn’t getting much fiber before I started Huel. I eventually transitioned my body to accepting a near 100% Huel diet and so fiber supplement is definitely not needed for me since I get all of that from Huel. Huel also has all necessary vitamins so I don’t use a multivitamin either. The advice I always lived by, if you’re getting it from your diet, it’s really unnecessary to take supplements as your body is just going to get rid of the excess. Unless a person’s diet is really nutrient poor (or they have needs for extra supplement support) there’s not really a need to take a multivitamin. I took this advice from a nutrition coach, but I will say I am no expert on nutrition. I had been on near 100% Huel for several weeks before I had to get blood work done (has to be checked for my health every once in a while) and a complete metabolic panel was one of the tests. My panel came back as healthy and good ranges so I can say being on 100% Huel will definitely give all the vitamins and fiber you need, but I know 100% Huel is not a journey for everyone. As long as your other meals are balanced, I’d say you’re covered.

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Thank you for your insight- very much appreciated.