Blending Huel: what about the fibers?

I read Huel ready-to-drink has another compisition than Huel powder. I wanted the same smoothness with Huel powder as Huel RTD has. So I bought a high speed blender. It’s much smoother now but… does it have nutrional or health consequences? Thanks

There are no nutritional consequences, don’t worry! You may have heard this sort of story about blending fruits/fruit juices. Blending is not the issue. The issue is the removal of the skin and pulp, which are high in fibre, during the commercial juicing process.


Whether you chew whole oats and whole flax seed from a bowl of oatmeal or drink powdered and blended versions of these ingredients, it pretty much winds up in the small intestine the same consistency and composition. Blended Huel has all the fiber fully in tact. It’s definitely working.

It’s like eating plain applesauce. Someone did part of the chewing for you (well, kinda). Once you eat a whole apple, chew it, swallow it, and let the stomach churn it, it becomes applesauce when it arrives in the small intestine, where most of the digestion and absorption starts.

Hi Deron,
Wouldn’t go as far as saying all the fiber. Again this changes person to person, but I prefer additional fiber after huel.
Also my nutrition calculator says that we need additional calcium, pottasium and fiber after 5 scoops huel a day.

That’s interesting. What do you mean your nutrition calculator says you need those additional nutrients?

Unless you are consuming 2000kcal (10 scoops) of Huel a day you are going to need to consume other foods to hit the DVs of all your nutrients.

Nutritional calculators pick what you need based on a 2000 cal a day diet. If you try to meet the goals of the nutrition calculator regardless of what calories you are on, it should still be fine, but the goals you actually have to meet might be lower if you need fewer calories.Five scoops a day is 1000 cal, so you might be getting most of your amounts with that, but you might be a little bit low in some areas because most people eat more than 1000 cal a day. I would say 1000 cal is as low as you should go if you want to lose weight. If you want to be on a 1000 cal diet though, then you are going to have to supplement with extra vitamins and minerals. You don’t want people who are eating the normal amount of calories to go over there daily limits.

I would just add that what might be low in calories for someone might be the right amount or even dangerously low.

It’s a good idea to check out this calorie calculator if someone wants to lose weight safely:

We also have a great guide on fat loss here:

A lower calorie count is good for me though because I am sedentary. I don’t really work out that much, and I would rather eat less because exercising doesn’t burn that many calories, and exercising isn’t really working out for me very well because I am not very athletic. I do walk and move around and stuff, but I can’t afford a gym, and I don’t do all of these weights and things that they are saying you are supposed to do so I would be sedentary basically. Also, I am 5 foot three, and my target weight is 115 pounds. I am short and my frame is very small. Also, my metabolism must be pretty slow because I put on weight pretty easily. Are use that calculator, and it was saying something like that at my current weight, I would have 1750 cal, and at my target weight of 115 pounds, I would have about 1550 cal or something like that. I get there, I’m just going to say between 15 and 1600. So you see, if I want to lose 1 pound a week, I really don’t have a lot to work with. If you are small, not very active, and overweight, it can be really hard. I have been doing the five minute workout on my echo device a few times a day, but that work out is really hard for me and I am sure it doesn’t burn that many calories. I don’t count the calories from exercise because the apps overestimate how much you burn and I can’t afford all that fancy stuff that measures your heart rate. Like it says you burn so many calories if you swim continuously for 30 minutes, but most people don’t swim continuously for that long. It can also be hard to measure because I don’t know how fast I was walking. Like say that I walk six blocks because I do work a lot and take the bus, but I stopped to cross the street and things, so that is really hard to calculate.

Sabra Ewing

That’s great! Completely agree that the estimation of calories burned during exercise is a bit off. It can be a good starting point and from there it’s about finding what works for you, which sounds like you have.