Shipping to ALL 50 States

I stopped being a “Hueligan” when they started charging so much for shipping.

There are other options, other food supplements that still ship to Hawaii for free.


Same here. I asked Huel about it and they essentially said Too Bad.

If someone sends something through USPS it’s the same as sending it anywhere else. We are simply Zone 8 of the United States Postal Service.

It really bothers me that Hawaii and Alaska are treated so differently in shipping when they actually don’t need to be if shipping by USPS.

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I don’t see how they don’t realize that they are surrendering a market where things like this are very popular. It’s only a matter of time before a competitor uses Hawaii as a place to grow their business.

Soylent is $34 from Walmart. Shipping is free if you spend $35. I added $1.13 clothes pins and got free shipping. It arrived on the 2nd day!

I have always added my own fruit, veggies, peanut butter (or PB2 from Costco), chocolate syrup, malt mix, spices or flavored Ice cream. So the the Original Flavored Soylent is fine with me. They also have a Chocolate Cacao flavor that I haven’t tried yet.

I suggest giving it a try.

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Hey thanks for the info!

Hey @JPH-Hawaii,
I am sorry that you are frustrated with the shipping costs. This policy was put into place so we can continue to ship Huel to Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. After determining that the higher shipping was costing us more than the total order value, it was necessary to make this change so we can continue to support these areas.

Shipping costs are based on weight and you can see a breakdown here:

Please be assured that we value each and every one of our Hueligans and that this was investigated over a long period of time and thoroughly considered.

No problem. Here is a link to a sampler they offer on Amazon.

Its not the cheapest, but it will give you an idea of the powder flavors to come.

Thank you for the tip, JPH-Hawaii. I just placed my first order and I was excited to try the product, but the shipping to Hawaii added 50% to the cost, making it unaffordable, and that completely deflated my enthusiasm for the product. So I will have to cancel my subscription and patronize their competitors that serve Hawaii. It’s aggravating when companies dismiss Hawaii and Alaska customers. Aloha.