One-Month Delivery Time?

What is the shipping speed for subscribers?

I ordered on the 12/28/19 and the delivery estimate is saying I won’t receive my order until 1/22/20. Is nearly one month ship time normal?

My shipping also costed me $20 as I live in Hawaii. Neither USPS or FedEx have any estimates that take a month to deliver here. Both are about 3-6 days. I’ve shipped many many things to and from here and it has never taken a month.

Sent in a help request for customer service and haven’t heard back. Very disappointed as my next subscription will be sent on the 25th. I could literally have $300 of Huel in the mail before I ever get to even try it.image

That’s bizarre. My delivery times are usually a few days. You’ll have to wait for Huel support to respond here to find out what’s going on. Will Fedex tell you anything?

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So Huel finally wrote back after nearly a week and multiple emails to them.

Essentially they said oh well, they aren’t doing anything about the ship time and said this is normal.

Literally for a subscription protein powder that costs $150 I expected a lot better service, especially seeing as I paid additional shipping and everyone always posts about Huel’s “amazing” customer service.

This is absolutely ridiculous as most everyone else gets 2 day shipping without having to pay $20 additional.