Shipping Question

i placed my order Tuesday night of this week. Wednesday I received an email saying my order was process and ready to ship. Ever time i track my order it says the label has been created waiting to ship. This is since 11:15am on Wednesday and it is now Thursday night and it still says that. That’s 2 shipping days. Is this a common thing and the order is actually on its way? This is my first order.

Yes this is common. You place an order on day 1. It takes about 24 hrs to get the order processed. That’s day 2. Then it ships out usually on day 3. Then it takes FedEx another 2 to 3 days to deliver.

If you order on Friday or weekend, your order usually gets processed by the following Monday (since they don’t work weekends) and then maybe shipped out Tuesday.

They group their orders together and ship out in big batches to save money, which they pass along to you. It’s free shipping on a heavy parcel and the product itself averages to around $2.30 per 500 calorie serving, of a nutritionally balanced food with quality ingredients. It’s a pretty good deal, IMO. But there’s a tradeoff for this = time. We gotta wait a while for the shipping. If we wanted a 30 - 40 pound package of ready-to-eat food overnight on demand, we’d end up paying a lot more money.

I always order my next Huel about 2 weeks before I anticipate running out. My rule of thumb.

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Thanks for the info. i will have to remember that when I place my 2nd order.

Hey Michael! In addition to what @Deron said, the majority of orders placed before 12pm Central Time will be shipped the same business day. The majority of orders placed after 12pm Central Time will ship the next business day. Sometimes it takes a bit to show movement on FedEx’s end, but good news! I see your tracking info has updated to showing your order is in transit with a scheduled delivery of Tuesday, 10/2.