1.5 weeks to get Huel?

Hi, new here - I ordered my first Huel batch on the 4th of May (a Saturday, bad idea I now know) and it apparently will not arrive until Tuesday the 14th. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty disappointed! I think this product will be extremely helpful in my life and its values seem to line up with mine, but the website said 3-5 days and I blew a good portion of my grocery budget expecting to have food by the end of the week (if not sooner). Is this a normal thing for Huel / did I misinterpret the 3-5 days? Is there any way y’all get around this? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited to have discovered this, but the discrepancy here is a little frustrating. I’m in Seattle, if that matters.

Hey there. That definitely doesn’t seem right. I’m looking on the tracking now and the package is seems to be on the right speed according to the current location. I’ll reach out to my shipper and see if I can get more info–to me, this looks like an error on FedEx’s end.

Thank you, I appreciate it! That would be awesome.

Have you been able to find out what the issue is? Sorry to bother, but I know weekends are iffy here. Were you able to resolve the issue or will I still have to wait until Tuesday? Thanks for your help!

It looks like it’ll arrive Tuesday. Not sure why the tracking took so long–perhaps there was a weather hold up in some of the areas it’s travelling. Going from PA–so I can imagine there is some bad weather up in those areas?