Shipping issue/refund

It looks like FedEx lost my shipment 3 days ago, and I’ve emailed support twice. I received what sounded like a bot response saying that my shipment had been sent out, but no other information. No one has gotten back to me since Tuesday, and I need to get a refund on this lost shipment. FedEx has been no help and said I need to contact the company. Can someone please contact me?

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I’ve had problems with FedEx too. Keep emailing Huel support and they will get back to you. They recently helped me resolve a lost package issue fairly quick. Good luck.

I keep getting a delivery date pending at first they said the 12th but now I’m pending

Hey @slb1978. I see Sherry has already helped you with this via email.

Let me know if you need anything else! :slight_smile:

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Hi Bryan, it looks like your order was delivered this morning around 10:30am. Let us know if you need any help getting started!

Thank you I also ordered from amazon so I’ve be drinking it since Monday it’s so good tastes great and easy to mix with no lumps thanks again

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Hey Teresa I just got another package from you guys and I really love the product but I didn’t order a second but I want it anyway I just didn’t want to mess anything up over there because ours will be a very long relationship and I want to keep it honest

Bonus gift! Thanks for your honesty, Bryan!