First time shipment lost

I placed my order Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning, I get an email stating my order has been shipped. Tracking information shows that a shipping label has been created, but expected delivery by end of the day on Thursday. Great!
Thursday morning comes around, FedEx still shows that only a shipping label has been created. I contact Huel to see what’s going on. Maybe FedEx hasn’t updated their information, who knows? Huel rep tells me they’ll get with the shipping team, I should expect more information soon and shipping information should update soon. End of the day, no new information, shipping info still shows only shipping label generated, no package has been delivered.
I follow up again, was my order ever shipped? Friday, I’m told they couldn’t locate the package with FedEx, it must have been lost, stolen, or misplaced. They’ll send out a new one.
So far, still no package. No information about if a new package has been sent yet, or when I should expect it.
I’m working under the assumption that they haven’t just taken my money for nothing, but I become less certain of that each day.
I understand things happen, sometimes mistakes are made, we’re all human. But, this has not been a great first impression. Communication has not been great, I get a response, but it has almost no useful information. I have to follow up to get information that should be volunteered. Mistakes will happen, it’s about what you do to correct the mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again in the future that makes a difference.
I was really excited to try this product. Now I’m not so sure.

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I wanted to give a shout out to Teresa, who stepped up and got the problem solved. She was very helpful and communicative.


I am having the exact same experience. I have emailed twice and just sent another. I am getting zero response from anybody and have no number to contact them. I have been asking for a refund now because I do not want to deal with a company that for 1. you cannot get a hold of, and 2. They do not respond.
I am glad you were able to get a response form them

Hi Matthew,

We’ve been notified that your order need to be processed again.

The tracking is now updated and your order is on the way.



@Teresa_Huel Great work!