Shipping for new customer and subscriptions

New here. Interested in understanding the shipping. Not sure how long it takes to receive my first package but that doesn’t matter as much. What I am wanting to know is if I order 4 packs for 4 weeks until my next subscription of 4 packs gets ordered. Is there a in-between time where I will run out of Huel? Does anyone have any issues with shipping?

Hi @Hannah_Bartlett, there are some individuals here who have had shipping issues (delayed shipment, undelivered orders, etc.) but I personally have not had any issues. My subscription is set for every 4 weeks, 2 bags, and re-orders on a Monday. I typically have the delivery by Thursday that same week. I would recommend to set the next order for the week prior to when to think you will run out. Hope this helps.

Yes, thank you! Just hope I won’t be one of the few who has shipping issues lol

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I have been using Huel since around March. I have always found it easier to order manually whenever I need it. I order when I anticipate I will be out in 2 weeks. That way, if there is a delay or a mixup, there is time to get here before I run out. My usage varies so I am not able to accurately predict when I need more. Sometimes I bake with it and use it up quicker. Sometimes I want to eat more cooked food at home so I reduce my Huel at work. And now that the GF is using Huel, it’s even more unpredictable. A subscription wouldn’t work for me.

As a last ditch effort, in a pinch you can get 2 bags of Huel next day delivery with Amazon Prime. Or if ordering from the Huel website, as Kris says, always order on Mondays. Never place an order on Friday or weekend, unless you understand it won’t get processed till Monday. They close on weekends.

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