Subscription and Shipment notifications

Let me start by saying I love the product and have recommended it to friends and family. I just wanted to give some feedback about some frustrations I’ve had with my subscription and the communications.

I’m relying on Huel for most of my meals and signed up for a 4-week subscription on November 4th and my next shipment of Huel isn’t set to get here until December 13th, 5 1/2 weeks later.

I realize I’m probably spoiled in an Amazon Prime world, but managing expectations through proper communication would help.

The timeliness and accuracy of the email/notifications I’ve received are way off base.

The first email I receive reads:

Your next Huel order will be on its way on Dec 02 2017

That was perfect. I was going to run around then and was ready for more. I expected to be receiving the new shipment sometime during the week of Dec 4-8. I don’t receive any other communication until Dec 7th:

A shipment from order #24934 is on the way

So two days later it’s shipping, not a huge deal, but later than I expected.

My biggest complaint is that, even at the point, the package hadn’t actually shipped. A UPS shipping order had simply been placed. The package still wouldn’t ship out until 9:45 pm on Dec 8th.

So, here we are on Dec 11th, 9 days after my “order was placed” and I still haven’t gotten any Huel.

I’ll edit my subscription accordingly to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks again for a great product and for listening to my feedback.

We appreciate your feedback, @khumphrey! Since we are still new to the states, we are continuously looking for ways to improve, so thank you. If you need any help editing your subscription order, please let us know here or and we’ll be happy to assist you. :slight_smile: