Great service, no problems

I see a lot of complaints here about orders not arriving, blah blah blah.

Just want to say my order arrived on time, all products were in the box, everything was perfect.

Thanks to all the Huelers!!


Thanks Kate! Welcome to the fam :slight_smile:


I’ve had great experiences as well so far! :slightly_smiling_face:


My experience has been the same as yours. Orders delivered within the 3-5 day timeline, and relatively quick responses to questions. One piece of advice I read on this forum was to always order on a Monday/Tuesday since the fulfillment centers are not open on the weekend. That gives the best chance of your order shipping and delivering right away.


Yeah, my subscription orders have been initiated on a Monday, and it’ll be at my door by Friday. :smiley:


Same here. I have been using Huel since May of last year and have not had a single issue outside of a delivery close to Thanksgiving. Not a Huel related issue but just a delay with FedEx. My subscription renews on a Monday and most have been delivered on Thursday.


Yes how many time have you order? 1/3 came to me

I have received 11 out of 11 orders with no issues so far. It does seem to be an issue for some people, but I think its actually pretty rare. It seems common on here because people rarely post to report that everything was delivered OK.


Order on time, but customer service at Huel takes a while to reply so maybe that’s why they are posting there.

I have been using Huel for months, never had one issue.
Except with side effects. :slight_smile: