New Customer--Odd Shipping Experience. Is it Always Like This?

Hi there!

I’m excited to try Huel, and ordered on October 21. I checked in on the order with support on October 26, and found out that it had stalled somewhere prior to shipping. Then I received a new “Thanks for your Order” e-mail but no tracking number. Asked for a tracking number and got one.

I’m considering subscribing to Huel, but I’m a bit worried that the shipping path seems a bit shaky (pun!).

Is the Huel subscription process reliable, or are missed / stalled orders the norm?

Thanks, all! I’m hoping the product makes up for this first strange set of experiences.

Hi @Fred_Lang! We just switched to a new fulfillment center so we were working out some kinks this past week, hence why your order had a slight delay. We do apologize for this and this is not the norm! In the future, your order should be received within 3-5 business days and it will be a much smoother operation.

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Thank you, Alex! I’m really hoping to make Huel a centerpoint of my daily nutrition, and regularity in shipping would be a great help.