Shipped but not

So you send me and email that you shipped along with a tracking number. 5 days later tracking simply says a label was created. That’s not getting the job done for your customers.

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Same problem here. Support says it is due to covid. I have my doubts, since I haven’t personally seen any other business affected.

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Ordered from Veestro the same day. No promises about same/next day shipping. A few days later I get an email that the Veestro order shipped and just received an email that my order is out for delivery. Huel could learn something from these guys. Huel is the king of over promise and under delivery. Just tell the truth and be upfront with your customers. Put it on the order page that due to extraordinary circumstances in the warehouse or whatever, it’s taking us X days to ship. I would certainly be good with that. DO NOT send me an email the next day, patting yourselves on the back, stating the good news that my order has been shipped yet a week later, according to FEDEX, my order has NOT in fact been shipped. This is terrible customer service and it will eventually put you out of business.

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Hey @blueeyedme and @lakkdainen! I really apologize for the delayed lead time with both of your orders here - we provided a bit more detail on a separate thread surrounding the fulfillment issues on both our and FedEx’s end. We’ve also increased the expected shipping time across all of our customer touch-points to show 3-7 business days (which I know doesn’t justify the delay, but we’re striving to be as transparent as possible!)

All that being said, I’m going to follow up with both of you via email as it appears both of your orders are scheduled to be delivered today!

Have a wonderful rest of your day :sunny:

I appreciate you following up. Yes, mine finally arrived today. :slight_smile: I realize it’s not a support issue, but was frustrating nonetheless. Have a good weekend.

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Christian_Huel - my order did arrive today. My point is about transparency in your fulfillment process. That “order shipped” email a week before it actually ships is creating a lot of dissatisfaction.


i’m having the same issue. My order number is #882494-US

Hey blueeyedme,

I am not from Huel so I can’t say for sure, but I think this may actually be the fault of Fedex. Many shipments from Fedex to my area will give a “shipped” notification to the business, and only report a created label. Then they forget to update the status until it shows up at my door. It is beyond frustrating, especially when one of my Fedex shipments was a 1500 dollar computer. But yeah, I feel like Huel is just the messenger here of the info that they are given from Fedex, and we can’t see Fedex dropping the ball.

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I have said this before and I’ll say it again. FED EX IS AWFUL. Dump them like the plague and go USPS. It’s cheaper and I don’t ever get those issues. Fed Ex has lost 2 out of 4 packages. I’m STILL waiting on my T Shirt.

I was going to say this. Either that, or it’s sitting in FedEx warehouse somewhere, because the driver didn’t scan it and now it’s just sitting there (FedEx will blame the seller in that instance but it’s definitely on FedEx’s end).

There’s a period between shipping and the carrier scanning the item where it’s in a sort of limbo and no one knows where it is - both seller and carrier will deny responsibility. I’ve seen it happen numerous times over the years with various companies.