Day One Thoughts

I received my Huel powder yesterday and today was Day One! I chose Huel because I don’t actually enjoy eating, and I need to lose a lot of weight. I tend to eat junk food for taste only, and don’t get nutritional benefits.

I have both Chocolate and Vanilla; today was Chocolate.

I decided to load the two scoops of powder into the shaker and add the water afterwards. I know that’s not the “recommended” method. It worked fine.

After the initial taste (water+Huel) I’d rate it about a B on the acceptance scale. Wasn’t horrible, wasn’t amazing. The consistency is grainy; you can pick up the taste and the feel of the powder. It’s hard to place the flavor but it came across as earthy. After a couple sips I added a packet of Starbucks VIA coffee. That was good, not a strong coffee flavor though so maybe next time two packets.

I didn’t make it though the whole shaker; not sure if that’s usual or not. I am feeling pretty satisfied/full from the serving. It took me over an hour to completely drink as much as I did, which surprised me. It’s certainly not a “gulp and go” food.

About 45 minutes after starting Huel, I did notice a bit of belly rumblings (not the hunger type) but now, 2 hours later, that’s mostly died down.


Day one in the books @Azhriaz! I’m so excited to hear how you’re going to get on after a week😁 I think the tummy rumbles can be normal, your gut needs to adjust to a potentially higher intake of fiber than it’s used to. If you need any recipe suggestions or have any questions just give me a shout! There’s tons of wonderful ideas out there that Hueligans have brought to this forum. Various milks, frozen fruits, PB powder… the list goes on!

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So far I’ve made the majority of my shakes by adding water, then adding powder, then adding 8ish ice cubes, then capping and shaking vigorously (both up-and-down and side-to-side) until it looks mixed, then adding more water to nearly fill the bottle (past the guard into the lid), then shaking once again. When I get down to about what you show in your second picture, I shake again in an effort to eliminate the remaining clumps before finishing it off. I’ve found that this process has greatly reduced the grainy consistency that my first few shakes had.

My first couple of days my stomach had similar issues to what you are describing, but less than a month later I’m regularly consuming 800-1200 calories of Huel without any real stomach problems.

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Today I am trying half Chocolate/Vanilla and I used a blender. Added a tsp of cocoa and a dash of cinnamon. That’s pretty tasty!

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I tried the gluten-free vanilla, which may have been a mistake. It taste like blended up oatmeal and had a lot of pieces and chunks even after shaking well—ice made it worse. I could only get through about half of it and started to feel very ill—headache, queazy, and thought I was going to be sick.

I’m wondering if this is a reaction to the additives/preservatives in the mix. Maybe I’ll have better luck with the chocolate?

Did you add the water first? You need to give Huel a good shake.

There are no preservatives and it’s fairly unlikely to be the ingredients. Sometimes having Huel too quickly or with too little water can be an issue.

My bad, I meant the long list of additives, not preservatives…

And no, it wasn’t user error, but thank you for blaming me for the issue :slight_smile:

Most of the “additives” are the vitamins and minerals which need to be there.

Sorry, I’m not blaming you at all but there shouldn’t be lots of chunks in your Huel, hence the questions. Trying to find out as much information as possible can help to narrow down the issue.

But you can’t deny the many additives (no quotes needed as that is what they are categorized as by the FDA) that are in the product for thickening and other purposes—NOT vitamins or minerals. At this point I feel you are being intentionally deceptive about what is actually in your product. If I didn’t already have a bad taste in my mouth from the Huel, this interaction would’ve left one.

Not at all and I’m sorry if you feel you’re not getting the right answer!

There are a total of 5 ingredients that serve functional purposes i.e. do not significantly contribute to the nutrition of Huel. 3 gums to help prevent separation and as you mentioned thicken: guar, xanthan and acacia. Plus, if you go for one of the flavored Powders sucralose and stevia.

Let me know if you have any more questions.