Shaker types - ounces vs ml

Hi! I am very much enjoying the Huel. I have feedback regarding the Shaker. In my first order (which came with a free Shaker), the Shaker I received had ounces listed, which I appreciated. The cap has one screw thread, which is great because it’s just one quick turn and it’s on.

A friend at work (we’re in the US) also ordered his first, and received a free Shaker. However, his shaker has milliliters listed, and the cap has two or three screw threads, which is actually unpleasant compared to the fewer-threaded “ounces version”. More turns are required on his cap, and it is easier to accidentally screw on the cap at an angle and cause leakage.

I recommended he buy a new one from the site, but there is no option to choose between the two versions of the Shaker. Is there any way we could obtain the “ounces”, single-thread version of the Shaker? Or did I just luck out and my version is no longer available? I would immediately buy another Shaker if I could get the same version I have at home.


Figured it out! I got the new U.S. version of the Shaker, and my friend received the old European version. I emailed support and they explained that. They also offered to send a replacement U.S. version for my friend, which we accepted. Awesome!

I also bought an additional Shaker from the website, which should be the U.S. version since I had U.S. selected as the site. Even if there is a mixup and I get the European version, I’m confident Huel Customer Support will take care of it.

Thanks Huel! And thanks to the Customer Support rep, Sothan Thach. Sothan replied to my email within 30 minutes and we got things straightened out.