Shaker Size and Quality?

I’ve been using Huel for a little under a month, and portions of the ice guard/strainer/insert in my shaker bottle have already broken off (into my mouth…). Is this a common issue? Am I shaking too vigorously with ice? Did I just get a defective bottle?

Also, does Huel have (or does anyone have recommendations for) a slightly larger shaker bottle? I’d like to be able to add a third scoop so I can break my Huel into three standard meals for approximately 1800 calories, but there’s no way that leaves enough room in the standard bottle for the powder to dissolve effectively (unless, like someone suggested in another post, the scoop is way bigger than advertised).

Oh no! That is most certainly not a common issue - and definitely not a fun one to have so I’m sorry to hear that. I can get a new shaker sent your way immediately😁

Also, unfortunately we personally do not currently produce a larger shaker. I imagine three full scoops, and subsequently then less water, would make for quite the thick meal in our current shaker but doable! I bet there are larger shakers out there that would make this seamless for you. Let me know how you get on and if I can assist further!

I haven’t been blending, just shaking vigorously with 8 or so ice cubes. Adding more powder hasn’t seemed to make the shakes thicker, just more clumpy and gritty. I can’t be bothered to use (and then clean…) my full-size blender, but maybe I’ll pick up a hand blender and give that a go. Unfortunately, that is impractical for middle-of-the-work-day shakes.

You might try adding a whisk ball (not sure the proper term) to the shaker in addition to the plastic grid to help break up clumps if you don’t want to resort to messing with the blender.

@Harleym - I fill my Shaker between 6 - 8 oz of water, add about 6 ice cubes, then I am able to get in 2-1/2 or 3 scoops - whatever I am in the mood for along with any flavor boost (I like adding Caramel & Himalayan Salt to my Chocolate), then I put the strainer in, add the cap and then top off the water filling it into the lid. I probably have about 30 oz of water in that shaker, then I shake it for around 30 seconds. It’s a good consistency. Not too thick but not too thin. I don’t know if I would want a shaker that was any larger. 30 oz is a lot to drink at one time. That’s my recommendation! I hope it helps.

As for the strainer, I have 3 shakers, 1 at work and 2 at home. I shake the heck out of these with large chunks of ice and I have never had one break.

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I’ll have to try putting the powder in after the ice. Even with 2 scoops I tend to have some persistent clumps.

I use 32oz Nalgene bottles, even though I only use about 16oz of water. I never have problems with clumps, after shaking. I don’t even use ice, because I refrigerate them overnight…