New shaker thoughts

Excellent design, construction and materials. Feels better in the hand and fits better in the cupholder than the old shaker. The mouth of the shaker seems to be perfectly sized. At first I did not like that the cap fully detaches as a separate piece, but in comparison to the old shaker I do appreciate not being jabbed in the face by the open cap.

I find it nearly impossible to see when the water meets the fill line – it may as well not even be there. Not the end of the world as I am never precise with my water measurement anyway.

I appreciate and understand the size of the new shaker, but I would also like to see it in a larger size option. Most days I add 3-4 scoops to my shaker and that is not going to fly with the new one. The pleasant workaround is to prepare two shakers to take to work with me and have some extra fun with flavor combos! Also, the opening for adding Huel powder is only slightly bigger than the scoop, and I just know that if I ever have an unsteady hand one day, there is going to be powder all over the counter. An XL version of this shaker would be the dream.

Overall, I love it! Great job!


Has anyone used the new shakers with ice cubes thrown in? I just got my new one today and the grate insert doesn’t feel all that sturdy like the old ones. Feels like it might break with ice shaking around in it.

It does seem flimsy. I put ice in after shaking (and I believe that’s what the directions that come with it tell you to do).

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I agree with you I feel like I could break the grate so easy, I’ve been throwing crushed ice in and shaking it and I think it’ll be okay doing it that way er at least it’ll be better than whole cubes y’know?