Huel Mixer Size Question

Hello, New User in US. Just had my first Huel meal. (Vanilla, nice nutty vanilla taste) made it exactly as directed:
400ml fluid
3 level scoops Huel
3 ice cubes (listed as optional, and I used them)
Used blender
added 170ml fluid
short blend to mix
Doing this, per the booklet, filled the shaker all the way to the brim. In fact, when I added the strainer, some Huel came over the edge.
Seems really strange to me that the shaker is sized like that. If I had wanted to add a little more fluid to make it thinner, I would not have been able to.
Is there a reason it is sized like that?
Other than that, no complaints so far.

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They don’t make the shaker themselves, so this is probably the biggest they could find from a company that would allow them to place their logo on it. I think their faqs say something about it being a German company they liked due to the quality of the materials (it’s my first day, but the bottle does seem to be a good quality compared to similar products I have owned).

Don’t try to open the bottle for the second addition of water. Just put the water in through the spout, close the spout and shake. The lid is supposed to be leak proof, I’m assuming to allow for it to be over filled in this manner.


Ice cubes come in diff sizes, so theres that. Agree with JIM’s suggestion of adding water via the spout - do that a fair bit. Uk user btw - but the shakers the same :grin: