Half-size Shaker?


Looking for recommendations for a shaker that works well for ½ portion (that is, ½-cup of Huel + ice and water). I’m incorporating Huel into ultra training and don’t want to let the remains of a full portion sit for 2-3 hours before I’m ready for it – I like to drink my Huel freshly mixed! So, any ½-size shakers you’ve used?

Thanks in advance.


You know you can make a half portion in the full sized shaker, right?

I like to solve problems (what i do at work too) but I don’t really understand this one. Can you describe how/why a half portion in the standard shaker does not work? I’m guessing it might have something to do with how you keep two half portions unmixed until ready to use?


Thanks Mike. The reason has much more to do with reducing how much I carry / footprint. A half-size bottle takes up far less space when packed “on the run” (literally) than the full size bottle, I suspect.


Look into the smaller Blender Bottles or the Blender Bottles with the stacking bottoms so you would be able to keep the powder separate before putting water in the bottle. Just a suggestion for a smaller size.

Here is a link to amazon for the stackable Blender Bottle:

They also have just small bottles to choice from.


Thanks! Will check those out. Much appreciated.