Shaker Thoughts

Just wanted to say what an awesome job you have done with the shaker. My husband had his shaker on his passenger seat and got into an accident. The shaker fell and hit the floor. Not a drop spilled. He was very impressed. So thanks for not creating more of a mess to clean up.


Oh my, I’m sorry to hear your husband was in an accident that’s awful - I’m hoping that if the shaker was unscathed, so was he?

Amazing to hear that not a drop was spilt! Unbelievable. Thank you for the feedback!

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On the topic of “shaker thoughts,” I prefer to unscrew the top altogether and drink from the cup. I spent some time searching for a “better” shaker, given how I don’t need to mouthpiece and strappy cap. Came up empty, still happily drinking from the supplied shaker. Hasn’t leaked yet, serves the purpose, and gives me choices.

Having a shaker ball is they key to breaking up clumps

I’ve been using the Shaker as-is and have had no clumping.

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Same here. The Huel supplied shaker is all I’ve ever used and only had clumping early on when I made the rookie move of adding powder first. :man_facepalming: I just add a few pieces of ice and shake for 15 seconds or so.

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I wonder if the ice is effectively a sort of shaker ball. I usually leave mine in the fridge for at least a few hours, which seems to also work, but if I mix it and drink it right away, I’ll definitely have some (admittedly pretty small) clumps, even with a minute of shaking.

It’s very possible, @Tom. I also make mine in the morning and then refrigerate until lunch time. Can’t remember the last time I had a freshly made Huel.

He and his shaker were ok thankfully. Unfortunately the was car not. I love your products for what they are, my husband needs more convincing he is more of a food for enjoyment sort.