All in one storage

I was first interested in Huel as a simplified lunch for work. After reading some the feedback, I’m sure it will become much more. Today was my first day using the product, and was very happy with the results. Made my first shake for lunch, and didn’t feel hungry or have any cravings for about 5 hours.
One thing I think would make it easier, would be to sell a 3 scoop sized dry container that fits in the shaker bottles you sell, to store Huel for traveling, such as to work. One item in the backpack instead of two.


True, the last time I bought a “blender bottle” (the ones with the little wire ball inside that works to help break up clumps and stuff) it came with containers that screwed on to the bottom of it. Two of them, as I recall, but both are just a hair too small to hold a meal of Huel.

@Tim_Huel, if you guys could manage to find/commission a Blender Bottle with those screw on storage containers that were large enough to hold one Huel meal, that would be really awesome. I take two Huel meals to work every day, and if I could just package the whole thing into one easily carryable package, that would be AMAZING!


I have been looking for those Blender Bottles, or any other brand with no success. I have, however, discovered I can put the portion on the Huel shaker bottle, add half the water and very quickly turn the bottle upside down and shake the powder off the bottom and successfully shake it with little to no clumping, and usually none of it stuck to the sides of the bottle. #adapting

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Agreed! I had some old chai powder cans I emptied, but being mostly cardboard tubing I worried about damage. When I emptied one of the flavor boost pouches I sorta used that for a bit.

Now I just keep a bag of Huel at the office, but for road trips I don’t want to drop my diet so drastically and even pre-making it, if I’m walking around a bit before I’m ready it becomes more of a chore to get it down after a while.

Those other shaker bottles with the compartment sound great.