Shaker cap trap

Hi !
Anyone else here gets some Huel powder trapped in the cap when shaking ?
Any ideas how to avoid it ? Maybe a particular wait or shaking ?


I don’t shake anymore, opting for a blender, but I know exactly what you mean. You might run a little water on the inside of the cap before you start shaking. Or be mindful of the powder sitting on top of the water/milk/whatever and shake it in a way that the powder will initially stay clear of the cap area (or even try side to side for a bit). And then do the up/down thing. When you do get powder in there, it’s not that much. Thankfully. It can be annoying though.

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Before closing and shaking, top off your Huel with a few ice cubes. This should do it!

I also pour water first into the cup, then the powder, then top it off with the rest of the water needed. That usually does the trick for me

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Like DM87, I add water, huel, then water, trying to get as much of the top huel wet as possible. If the top of the shaker is dry Huel, I usually get cap clumps.