Broken shaker after 10 days of use?

Curious if anyone else has experienced this? I’ve been a Huel user for a couple of weeks. Love the shakes, do like the taste, and it’s quite convenient for a busy (sales) lifestyle. However, the shaker cracked at the bottom after 10 days and is unusable. Is this normal? The shaker has not dropped, has been hand washed, and I follow step by step instructions on how to use (400ml of water + 3 scoops, 2 ice cubes, shake, add additional water as needed and shake)

I’ve owned other protein shakers for decades that have been dropped, washed, and put through the rigors. I’m hard pressed to spend more money on a Huel shaker but am a bit disappointed that I got 10 days of use out of it (my first Huel bag outlasted the shaker). This is not to bash the company by any stretch - defects happen. I don’t know if it’s worth a call to get a new one or just to move on and purchase a real shaker elsewhere. In my opinion, the quality of the shaker should match the quality of the product. Curious what other experiences have been. Thanks, in advance.

I haven’t had any problems and I have abused the mess out of mine. Dropped, accidentally kicked it across a parking lot, one fell down a short drop (less than a 3 feet) of rocks even and it didn’t break.

Maybe Huel can send yas a replacement, I’d at least contact them and ask :grin:

Thanks so much for the feedback. Good to know that it’s just me…I think :).

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Oh no!

I’ll get in contact with you via message for account information and have another shaker bottle sent your way.

Thank you very much to the Huel team for the quick response. I never judge the problem. I judge the response to the problem. Everyone is happy. Cheers to the great service.


Hi. First time Huler!. Received my first order of Vanilla and Chocolate each. Tried the Vanilla 2 scoops with 14 + 3 Oz of water. Excellent taste and texture!..The Shaker I received has its lid broken so not able to use it properly. Other than that so far great. Will update after trying Chocolate. **Order #515740.

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