Sensitive gums and mouth sores

I started using Huel last week and replaced breakfast each day with a three scoop shake. It was around the same time I noticed my gums started feeling sensitive when I brushed and ate and they progressively got worse each day. I also developed sores on my tongue and in my mouth at this time. It’s certainly possible that Huel is in no way to blame for my oral discomfort but because of the timing I’m wondering if others have had similar issues with Huel? This is the first time I’ve used meal replacement and I normally don’t take many vitamins so I’m curious if my issue could be a side effect of my body getting used to a variety of different vitamin and minerals? If anyone has experience with these problems please let me know, cheers!

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I am not a medical professional or anything, but that really sounds abnormal.

I’d stop Huel and see if it clears up as a first step.

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Hi Trevor, while I don’t think that this is a common reaction to drinking Huel, I agree with @vossad01 that step one should be to slow down or stop completely just to see if there is a change in your oral discomfort. No matter what the cause, as with any dietary change, we always recommend starting off slow to allow the body time to comfortably adjust. Please let us know if this issue persists.

Yep I’ve found this, small mouth ulcers but nothing unbearable

8 months later…