Dizzy, bad stomach

I’ve been 2 weeks on Huel. I’ve been taking 3 scoops at lunch. Some days I’ve felt a slight pain on my stomach and this feeling on my tongue, which got white. Today the pain is worse, the feeling on my tongue heavier and I’ve been feeling dizzy. As I’ve read similar testimonies, I think it’s Huel related.

To add info: I’ve been vegan for over 10 years (never had an issue with that). Have been loosing weight lately and exercising more.

Hi @Rosalia

Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear you’ve experienced this.

It’s hard to be able to comment without some perspective.

  1. How long after consuming Huel did you get the pain?
  2. How long did it last?
  3. What else had you eaten prior to Huel in the day?
  4. You say exercising more, how much more and when in the day?
  5. Please link me to similar testimonies as this will help me get some perspective to see what others were experiencing specifically and signify if it’s linked to a reaction to an ingredient.

Thanks; Hopefully I can provide advice.