Scoop Confusion - help needed

I just received my first Huel order. There are no instructions as far as which scoop size goes with which product and I received 5 scoopers - 2 small and 3 large. I have multiple bags of products so I have no idea what scoop goes with what. Are the large scoopers to go with the Black Edition? The Hot & Savory? The Daily Greens? The scoops are not labeled for sizing either. The instructions only say the number of scoops to use with each product and don’t refer to what size. Any further instruction would be much appreciated.

Pretty sure the small ones are for the Daily Greens as a serving is only 15 grams. While the larger ones are likely for both the Hot & Savory and Black Edition - it’s been a while but I’m pretty sure these both had the same scoops (and their serving sizes are 90 grams or more).

Personally, I suggest getting a cheap digital kitchen scale. This will make everything more precise, as I recall not always being able to get a good scoop each time - but it’s not truly necessary.